The PhilipsHue package allows you to control Hue devices that are on your local network (local authentication). The Hue API does support remote authentication, but this feature is not enabled in the PhilipsHue package for R. Check out vignette("local_authentication") to learn more.


Create local user


Authentication -- local

has_local_auth() write_auth() reset_auth()

Authentication helpers

Philips Hue API wrappers

The following functions roughly correspond to each of the Hue API (V1) endpoints. Check out the official Hue API documentation here.

search_for_new_lights() get_new_lights() rename_light() get_lights() get_light() set_light_state() delete_light()

Hue API: lights endpoints

create_group() get_groups() get_group() set_group_attributes() set_group_state() delete_group()

Hue API: groups endpoints

create_schedule() get_schedules() get_schedule() set_schedule_attributes() delete_schedule()

Hue API: schedules endpoints

create_scene() create_group_scene() get_scenes() get_scene() set_scene_attributes() set_scene_lightstate() delete_scene()

Hue API: scenes endpoints

create_sensor() search_for_new_sensors() get_new_sensors() rename_sensor() get_sensors() get_sensor() set_sensor_config() set_sensor_state() delete_sensor()

Hue API: sensors endpoints

create_rule() get_rules() get_rule() set_rule_attributes() delete_rule()

Hue API: rules endpoints

condition() action()

Rule Helpers

get_config() set_config_attributes() get_state()

Hue API: configuration endpoints

create_resourcelink() get_resourcelinks() get_resourcelink() set_resourcelink_attributes() delete_resourcelink()

Hue API: resourcelinks endpoints


Hue API: capabilities endpoints

High-level API wrappers

It can be cumbersome to set up some features of your Hue devices. These functions help streamline common tasks.


Configure Built-In Daylight Sensor

Hue API V2

These functions are under development to support newer V2 API endpoints.


Hue API V2 endpoints